My Own Cavalry [February 2008]

They say there is beauty in our flaws; I see only void in my own.

This void I see eats away at the small amount of raw beauty I have; it distorts what and who I am.

Tearing me apart, fragment by fragment. Like a virus sent to kill the soul.

Why- Oh why does this void snake into my mind?

My mind, it is going corrupt, being split at the seams!

Spare, oh, spare my mind!

The poison void, it spreads like a webby cancer, burying itself deep into the confines of the creative mind.

The toil.
The pain.
I will fight through with burning passion; I fight with a strong spirit.

My will, how I assume it so weak!

How glad I am to be proven wrong!

Praise, for I am my cavalry, I save myself.


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