1/30/13 untitled

It’s that touch that seems to be just enough.

The audible breath that seems to be a thousand secrets you are dying to say.

The tentative glances; or knowing you’re looking right at me while I stare straight ahead, that dumb smile on my face.

Such a rash decision led to a great night. 

That touch, those hands. Those eyes, such eyes of a light but hard blue. 

So many swirling thoughts behind those eyes, whirling like a hurricane and I want to pry the words from your tongue; but I will settle for your lips against mine, those fingers tangled in my hair.

I’m going to make you melt by pushing the tension from your muscles.


I’m gonna make you scream with my fingers wrenching your hair, my teeth clamping your skin.

You’ve never met a girl like me, and I haven’t met a man like you.

But we will both be happy and terrified that we happened across one another.




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