Sickening (old undated piece)

the way in which

you communicate

with your fellow

global citizens

with your fellow

human beings

disgusts me

beyond any measure

of repulsion


Made Clear (old undated piece)

my nectar will not pool for you

you monstrosity, you repulse me

i mean to drip blood from your eyes

you will cry tears as you steal from

me what is mine

you beastly bastard

my crucifix will puncture the depths

of your soul

and your blood will boil

your soul burn

you will have no genitals 

once you’ve finished stealing

my nectar will not flow for

such a monstrosity

don’t worry about the sly look

on my face, it will all be made clear





My wrists are jealous, their decor long since dulled and faded,
but my hips are given new decor, lovely, fresh, and vibrant decor.
My hips are hidden, secret, secret. My wrists are exposed, and
they are jealous, jealous. The more hidden the decor must be,
the more jealousy conjurs. Jealousy, jealously.

Too bad the whole world can’t see.

Childhood Nightmare Recollection

the jaguar wrenched my beating heart

my blood spurting inches, feet, miles away

warm, coagulating, not pooling

it laps up the flow of my life

slurping it, savoring it

though my body is stone

turning blue

i twinge, feeling the agony

of having my heart devoured 

by the beast

my blood lapped up

like water

not my life

just another piece of the circle

by Terrah Short, written late 2011