Polar Equals [10-31-10]

attractions are bittersweet, are fatal
they grip your lungs, compress your heart
watch you squirm, but the ache
only makes you want them more
you cannot reach the end of the rainbow
you don’t think you ever will, but because
there’s that little chance that childhood fantasies
like leprechauns and pots of gold are true
you can’t stop yourself from chasing shadows


10-2-08 Untitled

anger fuels a fire; this fire takes so long to die down
why does oxygen, my frustration, continue to flow?

will it ever stop?

will i ever control this?

Haunting Dreams

The fleeting bliss
When your heart skips
and beats too fast

Your breath catches
a moment of no thoughts
no decisions
just feelings

A dull ache of desire
and denial
when your breath catching
makes you want to cry
heart skipping and racing
makes you wish it’d just

attraction is fatal

but I’d kill to
freeze the moment
no matter how much torture
I’ve felt

©Terrah Short 2010