gone on a ship

You left on a boat
small and sturdy

It carried you
to a place
you did not know

Destination heard of,
but uncharted

Shrouded in a mist of questions
which remain unanswered
but frequently visited

In my dreams
you arrive
to a place of warm sands
spilling between your toes

The wind, like music
caressing you

This is
the unknown path
you chose.

©Terrah Short 2010


Lamb and the Lion

Why would the lamb look to
the lion with a flame of
forbidden passion?

All legs but one,
under the weight of absence.

Tortured by fantasies
mutilated purely by
the condemned nature

Fantasies… Fantasies…
Lion, dear lion, won’t you
look through and see?

A hand I lay
on your cheek
stroking gently, do not turn
away from me

In time waves of
despair disperse,
like cooling atoms

Lightening sparks
Fire moves once more
my heart becomes heavy

I must drain the swelling
or my heart will no longer

Thumping weakly, once again
the lamb will stumble.

My Mask (Written at Camp Erin Summer 2010)

My mask is pastey white
Smooth as fine glass

Decorated with gody fake jewels, I keep a straight facade

Expectations glued onto my complexion

It’s all I see in my reflection

Bit inside is me
Words of my love
my hope
my soul
my fears
my truth
It takes much for you to see

What is truly me

Such a mask is clasped hard;

time it takes to pull it away,

to flip it and see

what is truly me.

©Terrah Short 2010