hope in a shooting star

shooting stars fly across my line of sight
drifting off to the next part of space
is someone else out there
looking at the same star
if there isn’t, what is worth fighting for in this world

love is absent where hatred is present and that’s not right
love is the blood of the world, the energy of life

balance is essential but when no one plays fair, there is no balance

only pain
only sadness

with God and faith we can restore what we’ve lost and forgotten

because under scientific fact, matter cannot cease to exist
so nothing is ever lost forever

©Terrah Short 2010


Canvas Wants

White canvas sits; unused and unwanted

The canvas wishes for the beauty of color or strokes

She wishes for want and need

Her artist is gone; he sits sulking and begging

for inspiration
it never comes

The canvas yellows and dies as it sits

waiting to be used, lonely and wanting.

©Terrah Short 2010